• Lower price and power consumption - higher hashrate!
  • Thanks to professional ball bearing server fans, as well as the extended temperature control inside and outside, our mining system can guarantee a longer and much more stable service life.
  • The system is equipped with a power-independent 4-port network switch, so that you could connect the devices to each other without the need of using external network switches. All this will save your money and time.
  • Each server has a power-independent monitoring and control module that can turn on and off, reboot the main system, and report on all parameters when needed. Besides, these modules act as watchdog timers that will automatically take assertive actions when problems are detected.
  • You can control the system remotely from your personal devices through the professional monitoring software with SMS notifications and “Telegram Bots”. Besides, there is an opportunity to manage and maintain all the units directly from our website.
  • The size of the Ethereum GPU MINER is 19 to 1.75 inches. This configuration will help you save space. The system has an easy-to-install design, this is why you will easily install it at home, work, data center, and anywhere else.

You will be able to build your mining farm in 10 minutes with our industrial 19-inch mining server in the place you need it, right inside your home/office, or in any data center!

Make your order right now – and the new NVMiner will arrive to you as soon as in November 2017.