Our team developers are creating the motherboard based on the NVIDIA GP104 graphics chips (GTX 1070, 1920 Pascal Processors), operated at 1683 MHz with a distributed power stabilization system, 6 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 9500 MHz, per core.

The "core" of device build with the Intel Atom C2508 processor that runs at 1.25 GHz, along with 4 GB of RAM. The Linux-based operating system on embedded an e-mmc flash or MSATA SSD will manage an entire mining process.

The system will use the server power supply HP 500172-B21 at 1200 W, or a similar size power supply.

The unit will carry an extended temperature control inside the unit, and an external environment as well. Professional ball bearing server fans can guarantee a longer and much more stable service life.

This system contains a power-independent 4-port network switch that allows devices to be connected to each other without the need of using external network switches that which saves your money, because you don’t need to buy expensive network equipment.

Each server will have a power-independent monitoring and control module, operating on ARM Processor, that can turn on and off, reboot the main system when needed. It reports all parameters, such as hash-rate, temperature, and current state of the fans.
It also acts as a watchdog that will automatically take assertive actions when problems are detected.

Professional monitoring software with SMS notifications and “Telegram Bots”, allows you to manage, and maintenance the whole system remotely. You can connect devices to our "cloud admin", which allows you to control devices from our web site, or use local management software.
Devices will have a built-in web interface also.


This device has a standard size server size as 19 inch 1U server.
Height: 4.32 cm (1.70 in)
Depth: 69.22 cm (27.25 in)
Width: 42.62 cm (16.78 in)
This configuration helps to save space so that more can be added to your rack.
On the rear panel, there are 4 ethernet ports, and a power jack intake.
The front panel contains the power button, console administration port RS-232, ethernet information LED’s, USB port, an LCD screen showing the current status, and quick control buttons.
The advantage of this unit is that it can be used at home, work, in any data center, it has an easy-to-install design.


An extended power distribution system allows to reduces the total power consumption and creates a smoother operation.
We have created 2 versions, containing 8 and 12 GPUs.
The 8x model hash-rate mining with Ethereum is 265MH/s with power consumption of only 600-750 watts.
The 12x model hash-rate mining with Ethereum is 400MH/s with power consumption of only 850-950 watts.
This devices can mine different coins, like ETC/ETH/ZCash/XMR, and all other than can be mined on NVidia GPU's.
It’s easy to use, and an easily scalable system with professional monitoring and management software.
Convenient industrial design allows to use it in professional data centers or at any other place you want!