All paid orders will be aggregated in the batches for 100 orders.
Each complete batch will be sent to the manufacturer factory in China.
First 10 devices we will receive to our labaratory, for doing some tests and firmware update.
After downloading, and testing the software we safely package and ship the orders to customers.
Each paid order will be marked with a batch identification number. You can find your batch id on the order tab.

The shipping of the first batch is on the schedule for November 2017 with the assumption that we collect enough pre-orders to fill the batch.

Shipping is worldwide, you can choose the convenient way of delivery in ordering tab.
The shipping is supposed to be directly from China.
If there will be need to further refine the devices, we will send them from USA.
This will not change a delivery cost for you.
All shippings will be insured, so if some shipping damage occurs, we will cover it, and will do refund, or set you to the next pre-order queue.

We can declare lower invoice value for the customs.
In this case - there will no be insurance of the shipping.
If it is OK for you, contact us again after making an initial payment, we will recalculate your shipping cost. (Shipping cost will be lower in this case).

When all pre-orders are sold and shipped, the prices and terms of deliveries will be adjusted according to new price policy.

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