08/21/2017: As we promised - full review of our development state.
NVMiner Development review

08/19/2017: It was a really hard week. Our online manager is go crazy answering the questions, and posting answers in forums.
Meanwhile, we are glad to announce that photographers have filmed the material and will give it to us next week, as promised.
Follow the news!

We are going to weekend!

Wish a happy weekend for everybody.

08/17/2017: As many people still have a Doubts, we've got permission to make some photos in our Lab.
Next week we will publish some reports of our research, with photos included.

08/16/2017: We have fixed a minor website bug, that did not allows to make an order, to customers, whos email containing a dot. Sorry for inconvenience. We keep doing everything for your comfort. Feel free to contact us, if you have some questions!

08/15/2017: As many our customers was asking for deferred payments, we decided to provide such opportunity for all pre-orders! Now you can pay only 50%. And the rest amount needs to be paid not late than october 30 2017.

08/14/2017: Great News!!! We have complete 15% of first batch already! Thank you for your trust! We keep on wait for the batch to complete. Hurry to make your order now, be in the first batch!

07/20/2017: Website launched! We want to start production as soon as possible.

07/3/2017: Factory contract accepted, we are ready now for pre-orders!

05/08/2017: Starting research in creating motherboard prototype. Searching for factory to produce.

04/20/2017: Got an idea to build advanced mining rig!