About us

We are a friendly team of qualified professionals who research, develop, and create industrial server equipment since 2007.
When the group of our engineers carried away by the idea of mining, we decided to build a powerful mining server – the one that would have a number of evident advantages as compared to other devices of the kind. We knew what people need and had a perfect idea of how to implement our knowledge in practice. Eventually, we’ve reached our aim.
That is how NVMiner project was born.
The specialists of our team have successfully developed NVMiner – the unique mining equipment, which can be used by both beginners and professionals in the sphere of mining.


This device based on NVIDIA graphic chips does not use a video card in the usual sense, though it has been created based on the same technology.
We have developed a device with comfortable size of industrial 19-inch 1U server chassis, which can be installed in any data center with the standard 19-inch server rack.
A unique feature of our devices is that they can mine different crypto-coins, such as Ethereum, ZCash, and so on, that can be mined only with graphic cards.
In May 2017, we began research on the creation of hardware platform (motherboard) based on the NVIDIA GPU chips.
Currently, we have a prototype of the motherboard model, the concept of the device with particular attention to the archetypal construction of all hardware needs.
Now we are focused on development of the new specialized software, we making many hardware tests and researches to complete the device architecture.
Moreover, our team is ready to launch our product lines as soon as October 2017.

Strong Points of NVMINER
  • It is easy-to-use and easily scalable.
  • Lower price and power consumption - higher hashrate!
  • Fully plug-and-play! No need to use any addition hardware!
  • The device is equipped with professional monitoring and management software.
  • It uses an extended power distribution system that reduces the total power consumption and creates a smoother operation.
  • Professional ball bearing server fans can guarantee a longer and much more stable service life.
  • The front panel the NVMINER contains all the necessary elements, including the power button, ethernet port information LEDs, quick control buttons, the USB and console port.
  • You can see basic information, such as IP Address, Device ID, Current Hash Rate and Temperature information right on the LCD screen.
  • The equipment lets users build their own mining farms wherever they want – in any place.
  • Built-in 4-port ethernet switch, allows to connect devices to each other, without needs to buy network equipment.
  • One year of full warranty and 3 month of online support!